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Instructor's Journey to Self-Care 

You see, I have been on a journey that has taken me almost 180 degrees in an opposite direction. 

About five or six years ago I decided to meet up with some of my coworkers at the restaurant across from the office. I wasn’t really that close with either of them, although I wanted to be. They were mostly older, more experienced folks whom I considered to be waaay smarter than me. I thought they had this crazy job figured out. And even though I had been in the department for over 15 years, since they seemed happier they MUST be doing something more right than I was doing. I was a little nervous about being around them and didn’t want to say anything stupid to embarrass myself. Anyway, we were casually chatting and one of them asked me how my schools were. It’s a typical question we ask each other—nothing out of the ordinary. However, my answer was not typical. Maybe it was the drink I was nervously sipping on too quickly, trying to fit in. I don’t even like alcohol. I did not know what was happening, but I didn’t want to make a fool of myself. But what came out of my mouth was… “I HATE MY $@%&#*% JOB!” (...uncomfortable pause…) Not only was I embarrassed for cursing in front of these dignified people, I was ashamed for being so vulnerable. That was my secret! Why would I say that out loud? I’m supposed to be grateful for the job I have after leaving my position as a special Ed teacher and going back to school. And in reality, I didn’t actually hate it. But a critical aspect of what I do is, I report to parents bad news about their child. The process was eating me alive and it showed up in my health and relationships. I felt powerless to take care of myself and it was a rare moment when I would get to encourage and speak LIFE into a student, or a parent, or a teacher. That's what really charges me up and makes me feel valuable.  Yet here I was, embarrassingly baring my soul and my pain.  But you know what? It set me free. After that moment I was forced to re-examine ME. I also had to start exploring what my life would look like doing things that feed my soul. Things that I came here on this journey to do. I learned little by little the hard way, that if I did not start taking care of myself in an intentional way, I would only get more of what I currently had. You see, I am more than a bearer of bad news. I have gifts inside of me, just like you do. These gifts and my journey are what I have to share with you. I invite you to go on that journey with me—one where you will discover and connect with your own inner guru, take charge back of yourself, and expertly craft a self-care plan that really works for your lifestyle.

I know what it's like to give, give, do, follow the rules, work, and then work some more. It almost took me out--on more than one occasion. But then I learned that I cannot give to others when I am empty. I had to replenish myself, despite what the expectations of me were. I had to connect to a source that never needs recharging, never unavailable, and always gives me exactly what I need. 

Well, I want to save you the trouble and show you that... in a much shorter amount of time, what took me years to learn. The absolute truth is-- THERE IS MORE. And that MORE is waiting for you. I wanna show you how to get there. If you're a working woman in your 40's looking for a way to meaningfully transform your life out of only giving all of yourself away, and BECOME the super connected and cared for human you were always meant to be on your own terms, this is the course for you!


How do I know it works? We've been through a LOT since the beginning of 2020. And people are saying that things are on their way to going back to normal. Now, as a school psychologist, I use the term, "normal" in a variety of ways often! Results? Our world is no longer "normal." It has shifted. But so have I! I am no longer alone and I am living on purpose. And I believe that you want the same thing! Nothing is going to stop me from getting this message out to you. It's just THAT important. 

Let me tell you something though. This will change you in ways that are beyond your normal. If you commit to this course, and commit to YOU, you will be able to truly, deeply care for your entire being, and feel good about it. So much so, that you'll crave it and you'll be able to handle a better space than before. If you don't, I'll give you your money back, hassle free.

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