People are looking for solutions to many of life’s challenges. My experiences have exposed me to a plethora of options that may not be widely known. Because I am a student of this reality as we all are, I enjoy engaging in discussions and sharing my knowledge and experiences. I speak on a variety of topics that revolve around education, self-empowerment, and mental health.

Stressed Woman

Pranayama is the yogic breath work that can lead to freedom and healing. This practice is a vehicle for profound self-growth. Allow me to guide you on your journey of self-discovery.

Yoga Pose

Yoga is not reserved for those with a certain body type or clothing. Yoga is for everyone who wants and needs it. Allow me to guide you individually in proper alignment no matter what your goals are. I offer packages of 10 or 15 classes.

Yoga Pose

Yoga is for whomever wants what gifts it offers! Whether this be for couples, the elderly, or those with injuries, allow me to tailor movements to your special needs.


Sometimes a trained ear is what we need to help us through or recover from a difficult juncture in life. Allow me to join with you and help facilitate a co-creative journey to a more acceptable state of being.

Go Team

When we do not feel well, we often do not work well. Allow me to develop a session or a series of sessions to educate and empower your organization to realize a higher potential based on specific and measurable goals.