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Empowering you to find your inner AUM

Private Yoga Instruction, Counseling, Coaching, 
and Self-Care Digital Courses 


Empowerment, health, and peace are our birthright.

Our changing world has made these states of being much more difficult to access.

Allow me to assist you to rediscover and keep your own inner empowerment.

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What is AUM?

You may have heard yoga teachers chant the word AUM or OM before. AUM is a sacred, eternal syllable that symbolizes divine energy. It encompasses all potentialities and possibilities as the past, the present, and the future all included in this one sound. Utilizing Aum allows us to create within ourselves a vibration that attunes us with the cosmic universality. It also allows us to put aside our worldly affairs and exchange it for that which is eternal.

Our Services

Allow me to assist you in take back charge of you, reconnect, and expertly craft your self-care plan from a place of power.

Allow me to take you through gentle stretches to get your body open and relaxed; what comes next is an experience like you've likely never known.

Allow me to guide you individually in proper alignment no matter what your goals are. (in-person and virtual available)

Allow me to facilitate your growth and help you reach the goals that are locked inside of you.

Allow me to empower your organization to realize a higher potential based on specific and measurable goals.


Meet Rosemary

Certified Educator since 1992

Education Specialist Degree in School Psychology

Licensed Professional Counselor

Registered Yoga Teacher Pranakriya School of Healing Arts

Student Support Specialist of the Year 2019-2020

My purpose in life is to empower those who need it. After spending years in a large school system, my greatest joy has always been to assist those who are struggling, in pain, or simply needing a boost to find what gifts lie inside of them. I consult with adults, teens, and children. Empowerment and self-care are what I believe should be yours and together, it shall be so!  



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